Biolyzer Series

Biolyzer is the trademark for Bionor’s biochemistry products that includes both semi-automatic and full automatic biochemistry analyzer. Photometry Analysis is used to indirectly measure the concentration of analyte present in the sample.

Hemo Series

Hemo Series in comprised with 3/5 part hematology analyzer. Hematology analyzers are used to conduct a complete blood count. Both Coulter’s Principle and flow cytometry are used to determine the granularity, diameter, and inner complexity of the cells.

Immunology Analyzer

An immunoassay analyzer is used in hospital and clinical laboratories to run automated biochemical tests to detect the presence and concentration of substances in the samples. There are many types of tests that immunoassay analyzers can perform, including testing for cancer markers, diagnosing infectious diseases, cardiac analysis, therapeutic drug monitoring, and allergy testing.

Microplate Reader

Microplate readers detect and process biological and chemical data using absorbance (ELISAs, enzyme activity, and nucleic acid and protein quantification), luminescence, and fluorescence detection modes, including intensity, TRF, and polarization.


Point of Care Testing (POCT) is diagnostic testing that is performed near or at the site of the patient, outside of the biomedical laboratory setting, and normally performed by non-biomedical laboratory professionals. Our POCT device give the mobility that is essential for better diagnosis.  

Urine Analyzer

A urine analyzer is a device used in the clinical setting to perform automatic urine testing. The units can detect and quantify a number of analytes including bilirubin, protein, glucose and red blood cells.

Protein Analyzer

A protein analyzer is a handy laboratory tool for determining the protein quantity in a sample. These instruments are most often found in food and beverage laboratories where they are used in assessment of nutritional content of meats, dairy products, and beyond. Dedicated protein analyzers are available for streamlined analysis or protein analysis can be included as one feature of an instrument specializing in several different analytes.