Biochemistry Analyzer

Easy to use, reliability and first time to result.

  • Seven filter & three optional position
  • 48 direct test keys on board
  • 100,000 memory of test results
  • 248 test can be programmed 
  • Color graphic display with GUI 
  • Lamp saving indication on key-board 
  • Storage of graph (calibration, QC) for each test

Usability Eased, Accuracy Ensured

  • Coagulation and incubator function
  • Seven Standard filter & two optional position
  • Full Touch Screen for High usability
  • 200,000 memory of test results
  • 300 test can be programmed
  • Color graphic display with GUI
  • Tungsten halogen lamp (6V/10W) with auto sleep function
  • Storage of graph (calibration, QC) for each test
  • Build-in thermal printer, 57mm printer paper

Convenient in use, Precise in result

  • Seven filter & one optional position
  • 7” Touch Screen Display for input
  • 10,000 memory of test results
  • 75 test can be programmed
  • Color graphic display with GUI
  • Lamp saving Technology
  • Storage of graph (calibration, QC) for each test
  • Software calibrated peristaltic pump for less reagent consumption
  • High resolution graphic thermal printer for multiform reports

Full Automated, Freedom to use

  • Automatic, Random Access
  • 120 tests per hour
  • Reagent cooling and pre-heating, liquid level detection
  • Labor saving, simple programming and real walk-away operation
  • Reagent open system, close system on request
  • Micro-volume for sample and reagent
  • User-friendly software, simplicity and flexibility for operation
  • Multi-language software available

Automated workflow, Calculated results

  • Automatic, random access, Stat priority

  • Constant speed at 800 tests/hour, 1200 tests/hour with ISE

  • Grating system with 12 wavelengths

  • 8 steps washing system, low carry over

  • Built-in sample/reagent barcode scanners (optional)

  • 24 hours non-stop cooling for reagent tray and inner sample tray

  • 4 independent mixing stirrers, 2 reagent probes, 1 sample probe

  • User-friendly software

  • Low consumption of the reagent

  • Pre-dilution and re-test for sample