Elisa 620

Elisa 620

Elisa 620 is a compact, simple, reliable semiautomated elisa reader capable to perform tests on ELISAs, Protein Cell Growth Assays, Immuno Assays, Nucleic Acid & Protein Quantification, Drug Compound Screening.

Technical Specification

Read Out Rate-0-4.000 ABS

Resolution- 0.001 Abs (Displayed), 0.0001 Abs (Calculated) Quartz

Light Source- Halogen lamp 6V/10W

Wavelength 405, 450, 492, 630nm, & 4 more filter optional

Wavelength Accuracy – ±2.0nm

Brand Width – 8±2nm

Calculation Mode- Abs, Cut-off, Curve, Liner regression, Index Regression,
Loagritham Rgression, Exponent Regression etc

Accuracy- ± 0.03 A, (0-2.000 Abs)

Reading Speed- 5 seconds for 96 Well plates (Single Wavelength)

Shaking Plate- Shaking time and speed adjustable

Input-Touch Screen
-External Keyboard

Output- External Printer

Quality Control- Yes, Westguard Rules & Levey Jennings Plot

Display- 7″ LCD Touch Screen 

Screen Touch- Yes

Printer- Internal Thermal Printer

Keyboard- Digital Number Keyboard & Soft Keyboard

Communication Interface- RS 232, USB port, SD Card

Memory – 100 Program
– 1,000 Patient Data
– 10,000 Sample Record

Dimension- 425(W)×310(D)×215(H) mm

Power Supply- ~110-220V, 50±10%Hz

Weight- 12Kgs