POCT 50 Quantitative immunofluorescence is a kind of isotope optical markers. Compared with ordinary Fluorescence, it has a bigger Stock displacement and longer life. It can effectively avoid the background fluorescence in the samples, and the influence of light and stray light, so compared to common fluorescence it has higher sensitivity and anti-interference ability.

Product Advantages

Convenient: It can be detected with trace peripheral blood, serum, plasma.
Quantitative: The directional marker flourescence microsphere is fully quantified.
Reliable: It can be traced back to the Certified Reference material.

Technical Specification

Temperature Range- 10 to 40 °C

Relative Humidity- 10-80% (no condensation)

Maximum Altitude- 3,000 m

Accuracy- ≥±15%

Measuring Range- R≥0.97


Stability- σ≤±8%

Test Mode – Quick Test Mode and Standard Test Mode

Result time- To get results in 10s under Quick Test Mode

Reader- ID Card

Result Output- U Disk, LIS or Printer

Software– PC Side

Sample Type- Serum / Plasma / Whole blood

Sample Volume- ≤ 200 ul

Temperature Range- -10 to 60 °C

Relative Humidity- 10-80% (no condensation)

Quality Control- 3 Independent quality control mode with Curve

Display- 5.6″ Touch LCD

Screen Touch- Yes

Printer- Graphical inbuilt thermal printer 

Keyboard- NA

Communication Interface- RS 232, USB port (optional)

Memory– 50,000 test results
– 3 types QC results and graph for all tests
– Calibration curve and results for all tests
– Reagent blank for all tests

Result Recall- Test name, Patient name, Sample ID, Date 

LIS Software- Two-way Communication

Telemedicine Port- Through WiFi (optional)

Dimension- 265(W)×230(D)×140(H) mm

Power Supply- ~110-250V, 50±10%Hz

Weight- 2 Kg5.6